A smart little helper

FenceFox is an electric fence surveillance device. Just connect it to any electric fence and switch it on.

In case of problem: Fence on ground, too dense vegetation, fence rupture or even a weak energiser battery, FenceFox automatically sends a notification via E-Mail and/or SMS . The alert is sent at the latest, 1min after occurence of the disfunction.

It is at all time possible to check the current state of your fence over our Smartphone Web Application (Android and IPhone) or directly over our online portal (PC and Tablet). A quick glance at your Smartphone and you know your fence is still properly powered.

The FenceFox device needs NO SIM CARD an NO WIFI access.

FenceFox uses the SigFox Wide Area Network

The SigFox network is used for data transmission between a FenceFox device and our servers. This special network enables very long range communication with minimal energy consumption.

Fencefox Principle


FenceFox is installed in only a couple of minutes:

  • Visit www.vigixx.com/app with your Smartphone, PC or Tablet.
  • Create a user account and associate your FenceFox device with the included identification number.
  • Physically connect your FenceFox to your electric fence and switch the device ON.
  • You will now receive all alerts via E-Mail and SMS and you can check the current status of your device by visiting www.vigixx.com/app. In addition, you can install our Web Application on your Smartphone in order to be able to check your Fence at any time at any place.


Bell Icon

Immediate alert: FenceFox checks your Fence every minute

Email Icon

Alerts via E-Mail and SMS

Calendar Icon

5 years subscription included!

Weather Icon

Rugged and weatherproof

Battery Icon

2 years battery life-time (easy to change)!!

Building Icon

Developed and manufactured in France

An excellent network coverage:

In order to communicate with our servers, FenceFox uses the Wide Area SigFox Network. The network indirectly enables the user to receive the alerts via E-Mail and SMS. We recommend our customers to check the network coverage in their area before any purchase. You can directly consult the official SigFox coverage map HERE.

The FenceFox Bundles

FenceFox is manufactured in our French plant near the city of Grenoble.



LongLife lithium battery

Price incl. VAT 20€ Or 16.67€ excl. VAT

The average battery life-time is 2 years. This however depends on the exact usage conditions. Especially very frequent alerts can shorten the life-time.

Shipping: 1 day after order placement (Shipping costs are incl.)


Price for 1 additionnal year of subscription for 1 device.

Calendar Blue
Price incl. VAT 32€ Or 26.67€ excl. VAT

For all users who wish more flexibility. The subscription contains all communication from the device to our servers, unlimited alerts via E-Mail and 100 SMS alerts / year.

Shipping: 1 day after order placement


If you wish more information you can look-up our additional documentation.


The datasheet contains all relevant technical information concerning the FenceFox (Weight, Dimensions etc...).

Quick-Start guide

Contains all recommandations for a first installation.

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